Dash Panel #2

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The Toyota Dash Panel #2 (#55112-WAA01), a crucial component in the Front Fender Apron & Dash Panel #2 (#55112-WAA01) system, offers both cosmetic and functional benefits. This body part, primarily known for housing the vehicle's dashboard controls, also significantly contributes to the overall structure of the vehicle's interior. Genuine Toyota Dash Panel #2 (#55112-WAA01)s assure perfect fit and seamless compatibility with your vehicle, backed by Toyota's authentic parts warranty. Aged or damaged dash panels can cause difficulties in accessing or viewing controls and instruments, affecting the overall driving experience and potentially compromising safety. Replacing this part when worn out is important to maintain vehicle safety and performance. A well-maintained Dash Panel #2 (#55112-WAA01) helps to maintain the vehicle's structural integrity and provides a secure housing for important control instruments, promoting efficient operation and safety on the road.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 55112-WAA01

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